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Seminar with Suganuma Sensei 2019

Seminar information in English. Eine Zusammenfassung in Deutsch gibt es hier.

Seminar in Basel, June 6 and 7 


Seminar Location: Schulhaus Lange Heid, Aeussere Lange Heid 15, 4142 Münchenstein. Google map here.

By tram Nr. 11 from Basel SBB to Münchenstein Loogstrasse (17 Minutes)


Seminar date and practice time:


Thursday, June 6. Practice time:

10.00 – 11.30 (Sensei), 16.30 – 17.45 (Tokuda san), 18.00 – 19.15 (Sensei). Kyu-and Dan-grading after short brake around 19.30

Friday, June 7. Practice time: 10.00 – 11.30 (Sensei), 16.30 – 17.45 (Tokuda san), 18.00 – 19.30 (Sensei). After practice there will be an organized dinner in Basel with Sensei.


Children are welcome in the evening class with Sensei, from 18.00 – 19.15.



Adults: CHF 120 for 2 days, CHF 70 for 1 day (grading not included)
Youth: CHF 80 for 2 days, CHF 50 for 1 day (grading not included)

Children (only from children classes) are free (only grading costs)

Grading: 1.-5. Kyu CHF 35, 7. - 10. Kyu CHF 25

Payement in advance to Aikido Birseck:

Bank: Postfinance

PC-Konto: 89-267012-8

IBAN: CH36 0900 0000 8926 7012 8


Important: The Seminar is organized together with Shofukan Berlin. 

AIB Seminar Poster Eng 2019
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AIB Seminar Poster Deutsch 2019
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Additional Seminar Information


Suganuma Sensei arrives June 4 in Switzerland (evening flight), Wednesday June 5 there will be a sightseeing tour especially for our

friends of Japan. Everyone who wants to join is welcome (please let us know in


Saturday June 8 Suganuma Sensei is travelling from Basel to Berlin. There will be a short sightseeing tour in Berlin in the evening, also there everyone who wants to join is welcome (please let us know in advance).


Seminar in Berlin: June 9 and June 10


Location: Gormannstrasse 13, 10119 Berlin (Berlin Mitte)

Sunday, June 9. Practice time: 10.00 – 11.30 (Sensei). Afternoon practice time not confirmed yet.

Monday, June 10. Practice time: 10.00 – 11.30 (Sensei). fternoon practice time not confirmed yet.


Please contact us for accomodation and/ or transportation. We have some homestay places available, and there are possibilities for AirB&B.  Questions about the Berlin seminar will be forwarded to Shofukan.


The Seminar is kindly supported by TTCL, Mr. Hironobu Iriya