General Information in English

A warm welcome to our english speaking people in the greater area of Basel.


We love to train Aikido and we speak English, therefore, a good reason to join us for pleasure, for good spririt and for sportive and healthy goals. We are a solid group of Aikidokas, mixed in rank, age and sex, and are training at the moment 4 times a week.

Beginner or practitioner?

Are you familiar with Aikido and willing to keep on going on your way to perfection or are you a beginner, fascinated by japanese martial arts and always wanted to start? Well, in both cases you are perfectly suited with ourselves.


Do not hesitate, take your dogi or a training suit and call on our dojo. The exact times you will find here and in our calender you can see when our specific trainings are. Monday and Wednesday are firm, the Saturdays are variable, due to availability of our dojo. For beginners, the Wednesday-class from 6pm to 7pm is most suitable.

Help wanted?

Sometimes it is helpful to talk to somebody as you might have questions which are easier to answer over the phone or by email.


Drop us a note on our contact form, indicate your coordinates and we will get in touch with you in due course.


It would be a pleasure to have you in our team!